Pop up Adventure

Come on out on Friday or Saturday evening 5-10pm for some shopping, food and pictures!

We are going to be at the Curated Marketplace at SouthCentre Mall (100 Anderson Rd SE) both days. We will have a selection of sets on hand so you can choose your picture adventure. Bring the kids, the grandparents, your best friend, your hunny, your pet or just yourself and come get a fun picture done!

Full details will be up shortly!

Stampede Picnic

Time flies when you’re having fun…or teething..where the nights run into days and then back to night and so forth. Teething woos aside though only 5 more days till the Copperfield-Mahogany Community Stampede Picnic.

The Stampede Picnic in the Park event runs rain or shine on Wednesday, July 4, 4pm-8pm, at the Copperfield Community Hall, 6 Copperstone Way SE. Its a public event and is free of charge. There is a live band, bouncy castle, face painting, food trucks, vendor market and more, so bring your picnic blanket & cowboy hat!

Our photo booth will be set up along the tennis courts so make sure to some by for a fun Stampede themed picture!

Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting our community neighbours!

Oh did we mention that we’ve got new balloons to share with the kids! YAHOO!


Little Miss goes to the Bookstore

There’s nothing more relaxing on a rainy summer afternoon than getting lost in a good book. So with that being said I figured it was a good day to go to the neighbourhood Indigo store and treat ourselves to a new book or two. Also to bask in the air conditioning and escape the heat. Well let me tell you we couldn’t have had a greater adventure if I’d planned it out myself. This was one the best trips to the bookstore ever!! And I worked in a Chapters for a number of years!As we were browsing the store, picking up random little treasures the fire alarm started going off. We emptied the basket of our stroller and exited the store with the rest of the customers and staff. Turns out a curious little boy had pulled the fire alarm. Boys will be boys and in this case very true Haha! We awaited the arrival of the Calgary Fire Department and to the surprise and thrill of my Little Miss they showed up we the lights flashing and sirens going.

The skies continued to darken, the lightening started to get brighter and the thunder started booming louder. While the crew of firemen checked the bookstore and the others in the strip we waited patiently for the OK to return inside and hoped the brewing storm would hold off. As the wait continued one of the awesome firemen brought out colouring books for all the kids and helped to keep them from getting overly antsy at having to wait. To our surprise that same fireman returned moments later to come and give Little Miss a Calgary Fire Dept stuffed Dalmatian. This of course had all us ladies swooning in aww over the sweetness and one little baby girl giggling with delight!

As we were the OK to return inside to continue shopping the cloud started to open up and the downpour began. Our rain jackets of course were in our car so we continued to browse and add to our finds of the day. Missing our afternoon nap with hunger looming in the near future I did my best to distract Little Miss as long as I could.

I have to say that I’m always impressed by the 130th Indigo store. The people that work there are always pleasant and willing to go that extra mile to make your shopping experience a great one. Today was no different but in saying that I realize I should really state that it was awesome. They handed out rain ponchos to people having to leave. I had one girl offer to push my stroller out to the car for me! The fabulous cashier I had even attempted to help my technology challenged self in putting my plum rewards on my mobile wallet so I wasn’t having to fluster about trying to find the app all the time. Hats off to all the staff at the store for adding to our already memorable trip!

We celebrated our rainy day fun with some balloons and pictures once the rain let up….oh and reading of course. Little Miss got her long overdue nap and Mommy got to read over a hundred pages of one my new books!!!

Not sure how we will ever top this adventure but you know we are going to try! For now though we are just going to be here reading our books, cuddling and playing with our new little puppy friend. Who by the way we have decided to name Indigo!


One in a Melon Minis!

We went to the grocery store to grab a couple things. Being a Monday I buy Little Miss’ fruit for the week. A giant bin of fresh watermelons caught my attention and my Little Miss “oooing” away in the cart looking ever so sweet in her “One in a Melon” outfit and well…this afternoon’s project was born.

We came home, cut up watermelons, packed up our wagon and off to the playground we went to try out our idea.

Investigating and playing with food is never something our Little Miss shys away from. So setting her loose with watermelons was a great (and messy) adventure!

Oh the inspiration that can come from a simple trip to the grocery store!

We will be sharing this yummy fun of course and will be travelling about with our “One in a Melon” mini sessions.

$125 per session, can be done pretty much anywhere, even your own yard! Contact me for full details! We provide 1 fresh watermelon per shoot. Discounts provided for multiple bookings per location!

D 👣

Ten Dead Crow Release

Friday night I found myself out at Village Brewery for a unique but special night. One of the projects the Mister plays in was releasing their first EP.

For the guys Ten Dead Crow this has been a long awaited feature. The night was a mix of their originals, some covers, a lot of laughter and dancing…oh and of course beers. The guys teamed up with the crew at the brewery and made their own beer for the night. It was Raspberry Lemon Ale tagged “My Next Ex Ale”

For me a good live show, no matter the genre, must strike emotions. These guys did that…and in a way that is unique to who they are as a group while adding a soulful twist. Their style of raunchy hillbilly country rock is undeniably something new and exciting in the market. They will have you tapping your foot and more often than not smiling and laughing with their witty lyrics..even those that stick in your head long after the song has ended. Now if you are at all familiar with any of these guys you will know that this project is unlike anything else these guys have done before.  It’s rough and bad ass but it’s full of heart, iconic riffs and harmonies.

It was a lot of fun to be there and to be able to share some of the emotions from their performance in pictures. Concert photography has always been something I adore. I always get lost in the raw emotion and intensity of the music. The challenge of lighting & the thrill of what each image can be once I put my creative twist on it. This venue provided an incredible cozy atmosphere that really just added to the night as a whole.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Make sure to grab a copy of the disc from one of the guys. It’s also set to be released on Spotify this week.tdc production files MAIN LOGOInstagram @tendeadcrow Facebook                                  http://www.facebook.com/TenDeadCrow

Ten Dead Crow is: Wes DeLeeuw, Al Caissie, Jonny Vincent, Steve Lilly, Dave “Corpsey” Mosimann, Ryan Boyko



Little Miss & Wally go Camping

Life’s been quite hectic these last few weeks and we have a busy month coming ahead so we decided to escape the city and take our first camping trip of the year. We opted to stay close to home on this trip. Being our first time venturing out with a baby we wanted to air on the side of caution just in case. Lucky for us the mountains are less than an hour from our doorstep..and an easy trek back for the mister when I had to send him home on day two cause I forgot to pack the bag with the extra diapers in it.

We spent our time out at Little Elbow Campground in Kananaskis. It was somewhere that we went for a walk last summer when my family was in visiting. I was very pregnant and exhausted so I missed out on the exploring. It was my goal since then that we would return for a camping get away and I’m so pleased that we did.

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful! We had sunny days and cool but warm nights. The deer would come out at dusk and saunter through the campground..it became clear after our first day they really were not afraid of us and should we have let them would’ve come right into our space.

Our first day went as expected, a lot of organizing, reorganizing and working out the kinks of the maiden voyage of the year. Little Miss took to being in the great outdoors right away. She found new adventures crawling through the gravel, playing with all the stones and of course like any teething baby tasted a few of them!

We ended our night with a campfire and gave our Little Miss quite the thrill. At first it was pure disbelief at what was going on. She didn’t quite know how to process it I think. She intently sat with me while she watched her Daddy build the fire then snuggled up with Wally to watch the show. I love the our Jimi snuck in on this shot, like he was making sure his girl was safe! She really took it all in, must’ve sat there with Wally for a good 5 minutes just watching the flames dance. I’m a sucker for adding in colour magic to our campfires and this was just as exciting! I’m always not far away with my camera looking for images in the flames. I think it’s like watching clouds. Everyone sees something different and has their own unique experience.Sadly the night slipped away too fast and before we knew it it was time to go cozy up inside the camper for bed. Our first day of camping was a success, glitches and all!

Oh and we discovered that our Wally likes to climb trees! I was quite nervous at first but he is a bear so I relented. He’s a fast little climber too, gets up into the trees in the blink of an eye!

That’s as far as I got with pictures today, hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in some mommy time tomorrow and tackle the rest! Another tale in the camping adventure with Little Miss & Wally is waiting in my files for another day!


Yoga, Mountains & Phototherapy

I had an awesome opportunity this past weekend to be one of the Photographers at the Banff Yoga Festival. Not only did I get to combine three things I love…photography, yoga and mountains but it gave me the chance to explore Banff…which strangely enough I’ve never really done much of. Really is true that sometimes we forget to take advantage of the beauty right in our own backyard.So when I wasn’t working I took some time to explore and see some of this gorgeous area that I’d never seen before. Like the Banff Springs.

It was an experience that I’ll never forgot. This time gave me back something I’ve been without for quite some time…the chance to just be me and concentrate on my photography. It wasn’t an easy decision as it required me to be away from Little Miss for more than just my usual couple hours a couple times a week when I go to my yoga classes. We both struggled with our separation from the second I left on the Friday morning. Hard to say who shed more tears her or me but we both found ways to find our strength apart.

A meditation class in the mountains brought peace to my soul and helped to quiet my separation anxieties and find a peaceful balance in knowing that we were both strong enough to prevail and this would only help our bond grow stronger. The view of the mountains and the setting at the base of the river definitely helped bring peace to my busy mind and stinging heart. On the hike back to the shuttle with a renewed strength inside me I forged on with a new appreciation for my surroundings and for the courage to escape my comfort zone and get back to doing things id done before I was a mommy. The updates from the Mister that my Little Miss was adjusting well to her first day without me added a lot of confidence to that as well. It was a long day, emotionally and physically but as I drove home that night I had to stop. Mother Nature herself gave me a sign that everything was okay. Following another rain storm the weather broke as the sun set and there was a hint of a rainbow gracing the sky. Day two was a long and rewarding day. I made the commute back to Banff knowing I was stronger than the day before and knowing that I was going to have a day I wouldn’t soon forget. The morning commenced with meditation on the side..I kid you not the side of a mountain. While stunning and breathtaking it was a true mountain morning. A cold mountain wind blew hard and brought an already challenging situation to new heights. For when your wondering up and around dodging gopher holes and meditating yogis all on a steep mountain incline with a camera more often than not obstructing your clear vision of where your waking there’s bound to be some fall out…or fall down. As I had my footings figured out and cautiously learned the best paths around the area, paying special attention to where to avoid I kept a close watch on the fear that I was going to tumble down the side or step into a hole and embrace my clumsy side. The shoot and the meditation ceremony proceeded as beautifully as the surroundings. Then with my confidence high the wind blasted harder and I fought with tissues to wipe the tears brought on by the cold force while I was doing my best to do a lens change so I could get some more intense shots. I fumbled when making the actual change and my cold fingers missed putting my lens down close enough to my bag of gear and my poor ol’ 50mm went bounding down the side of the mountain. I made an initial attempt to do my best Paw Patrol rescue to stop it in its path but a flash of me tumbling after it immediately made me stop and just watch it roll and bounce farther and farther into the forest. Funnily enough in the serenity of the meditation I could hear it bouncing and thudding away. It took me a minute or two to actually process what I’d just lost but where anger would usually be the reaction I chose to be positive. Better a lens than me or my camera or honestly any of my other more expensive glass. Maybe there’s a little gopher who’s into photography enjoying it. My day forged on and I soon forgot all about my poor lens. My final shoot of the day took me to the stunning Two Jack Lake…another place I was unaware of. It fully ended in the best way..with my Little Miss reading me bedtime stories and giving me lots of snuggles.

The weekend was I feel a success and I’ve got some stories and pictures that I’ll always be able to treasure. I got to take some great and unique shots throughout the festival..watch for them to be published in the near future. I built up my confidence personally. Most importantly I got to spend some specials times with my Little Miss and we prevailed the difficult times of being apart for the first times. Oh..and someone is officially 9 months old!!!


Pop up Adventure!

We are super excited to announce that on July 4th at the Copperfield Mahogany Stampede BBQ & Family Picnic we will have a special themed set! We will be offering a free sitting & 1 free print with the opportunity to purchase specially priced packages.

The event will take place at the Copperfield community centre, 6 Copperstone Way SE, from 4pm to 8pm on July 4th. This is a free event and is open to the general public. There is going to all kinds of family fun and of course yummy food as well so mark down the date!

We are thrilled to be a part of this event and for the opportunity to get out, meet all of our neighbours and make some new friends!

This is just one of the neat little pop up adventures that we have planned for this summer so make sure to stay in the loop with by subscribing to the blog or by following us on Instagram!


Someone asked me the other day about milestones pictures. What exactly that was. It really got me to thinking about these past 8…sniff..well closer to 9 months of our Little Miss growing up. I of course have been faithfully doing our monthly milestones and sharing how she’s changing each month with our families and friends. I’ve kept up to date on all her firsts so far, writing them all in her baby book like a good little mommy.

So I really started thinking about all the firsts that weren’t generally documented. For everyone those are different and that is what I intended with our milestones packages. To capture the times that are special to just you and your family.

Some of our recent milestones that have me gushing and bragging like a proud mommy have been unique to myself and to our little family unit. These are the moments that are so precious and often dismissed as just everyday occurrences. It’s my goal to make them just as special as the usual firsts! Ive been referring to these snippets of time as my “things I want to remember”. Eventually it’s my goal to put together a book of these moments.

A few of these snippets have been:

Eating or rather playing with Cheerios was special to me. Not sure why but I had this image in my head and had been waiting to execute it .

First time riding in the big kid seat of a shopping cart instead of in her bucket seat was an exciting yet sad time for me. I felt I just wanted time to stop and the anxiety of her growing up so fast caught my breath. As I brushed away the tears she laughed and waved at me (which was something she’d also just learned) as if to remind me that we still have a lifetime of new things to experience together.

This was another moment I’d been looking forward to…First time going in the swing at the playground.it took longer than I’d hoped as I made sure The Mister was there with us the first time so he could revel in all her glory at something so fun! Thankfully she liked it and the sounds of her giggles as she swung back and forth are going to echo in my memories forever! I could keep going and going and going but I won’t. Milestones are what you make them. What’s important or special to one is different from the next. I believe full heartedly that family pictures should reflect exactly that…The things that are unique and special to your family. So whatever those milestones are to you and yours we can document them specially so you will forever have these times to share and cherish in print.

D 👣

Adventures with Wally

We made a new friend this weekend. Meet Wally!

My Little Miss is quite smitten with him and honestly so am I. He also is going to be our new adventure buddy. These may be everyday outings, special trips out and about or just cuddly days at home. Of course I’m going to document with pictures and put together a special story for my girl.

Today we took Wally to the park to enjoy the cooler temps and fresh air. We enjoyed a nice walk and had our story time outside. Little Miss read to Wally and I just soaked in the sweetness of the moments.

Watching her play and interact with Wally was so adorable with its innocence and wonder. It’s reminded me of the fun I used to have with my TJ bear as a child!

This has inspired a great new special that we want to share with your little ones and their special friends. Get it touch with me today to tell me about your little one and the adventures they like to take their favourite friend on and we can plan a photo shoot to capture these amazing times before they are gone. Which we all know are already too close to being done!!

D 👣

Adventure Planning

It’s May long weekend…a long celebratory tradition of embracing the outdoors and welcoming the beginning of summer. At least that’s what it is to me and something I’ve grown up to. Being a good ol’Manitoba girl camping is usually the plan of action. Rain, sleek, snow, doesn’t matter camping is usually what’s happening. Little ironic that year, when it’s actually really looking like it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous we are staying in the city. Anyways we are staying in the city for the weekend this year. On the plus side it gave us the extra time to play a bit in the studio a bit yesterday afternoon. What better way to kick off the summer than starting our summer travel plans which will of course include lots of camping!

We both love to travel, come from families that carry the travel love gene so theres no doubt our Little Miss will be a travel bug as well! So it was an easy idea to piece together a little travel adventure planning shoot! We invited Little Miss’ friend Rosey the Bear to join us and it really just played out naturally.

Little Miss has been fascinated by paper lately so she took to the maps right away.

I am sure that she was telling Rosey here how much fun she had when her and I went to Waterton a few weeks ago with Auntie T. It’s where we got that adorable little hippie van and when I started piecing together ideas for a travel picture!

Here I’m certain she was telling me that she wanted to go back this summer! Please Mom!!

Yes Little One we will definitely go back!! Yay!!!

It’s really awesome how these little moments are ours now. I know I tend to say that a lot these days but they really are “our times”. I may plan the adventure, design the set and get us there but it’s her playing and interactions with the world around her that make these pictures so special!

We hope everyone who’s out and about this weekend has safe travels and to those who are staying close to home like us also have lots of fun enjoying the summertime weather! 👣