Adventure Planning

It’s May long weekend…a long celebratory tradition of embracing the outdoors and welcoming the beginning of summer. At least that’s what it is to me and something I’ve grown up to. Being a good ol’Manitoba girl camping is usually the plan of action. Rain, sleek, snow, doesn’t matter camping is usually what’s happening. Little ironic that year, when it’s actually really looking like it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous we are staying in the city. Anyways we are staying in the city for the weekend this year. On the plus side it gave us the extra time to play a bit in the studio a bit yesterday afternoon. What better way to kick off the summer than starting our summer travel plans which will of course include lots of camping!

We both love to travel, come from families that carry the travel love gene so theres no doubt our Little Miss will be a travel bug as well! So it was an easy idea to piece together a little travel adventure planning shoot! We invited Little Miss’ friend Rosey the Bear to join us and it really just played out naturally.

Little Miss has been fascinated by paper lately so she took to the maps right away.

I am sure that she was telling Rosey here how much fun she had when her and I went to Waterton a few weeks ago with Auntie T. It’s where we got that adorable little hippie van and when I started piecing together ideas for a travel picture!

Here I’m certain she was telling me that she wanted to go back this summer! Please Mom!!

Yes Little One we will definitely go back!! Yay!!!

It’s really awesome how these little moments are ours now. I know I tend to say that a lot these days but they really are “our times”. I may plan the adventure, design the set and get us there but it’s her playing and interactions with the world around her that make these pictures so special!

We hope everyone who’s out and about this weekend has safe travels and to those who are staying close to home like us also have lots of fun enjoying the summertime weather! 👣


Project/Life Change

This started as an individual project to inspire me to be more open and share snippets of my personal photography on a platform away from the regular social media channels and break the habit I have of being too introverted. In sharing my pictures I have learned that when I put myself into a place where I HAVE to do something I loose interest and become stagnate with my results. That’s no different with my creativity. I am not a blogger, I am not really a great writer as I lack the discipline to follow the rules and formats. When I write, I get side tracked on too many angles and it becomes a staggered mess. Funnily enough exactly how my mind thrives. As I digress  already…Snappy Footprints was also built with the mindset to inspire me to have more fun with my photography. The results of that are incredible. Yet aside from my family and friends no one ever sees those pictures. Until now…this has probably been the most private web page ever with no one knowing about it, strictly because I don’t tell anyone about it. Since my Little Miss was born I have dreamed up so many fun little ideas of pictures we were going to take. Some we have taken, some ideas I discarded, some I changed and some are sitting in my memory bank hoping not to be forgotten. We started our studio fun as soon as I was up to crawling about and lifting things after my c-section. What a thrill that it was right around fall harvest and Halloween. The idea flourished into a creative flow fondly remembered as the Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch. We started our adventures with a onesie, a black backdrop and a whole bunch of pumpkins in our unfinished basement. We spent weeks on this, changing it, adding props, taking away props, napping, discussing ideas, but we got there and it was nothing less than awesome.

From there the creative juices flowed into Halloween. The Mister saw how happy I was, my rejuvenated excitement about taking pictures and encouraged me to forge ahead. We purchased a light set up, cleared out a corner in the basement and I started learning how to do some studio work.

It’s been a whirlwind of adventures since then. Holidays, Seasons, boredom on random days being stuck inside during the winter. I have props. I have tutus (handmade by me I must add), I have bins of backdrops, better lights and more than ever ideas I can’t keep up with. The ones though that I have taken in most cases have turned out so much better than I could have imagined. My Little Miss has grown and we have just built bigger adventures.

img_2363I have shared some with our family and friends, mostly I only share the ones of Little Miss with the Mister, some I print but mostly they just sit in my Dropbox. Today that changes. Today I introduce my Little Miss…my muse everyday and the driving inspiration to change Snappy Footprints into more than a neglected website of random pictures but into a life venture.

Photo 2018-04-17, 1 06 26 PM

Today she turns 8 months old. How it’s been that long I have no idea cause it was only yesterday I heard that little cry for the first time and looked into those big Disney princess eyes (tears splash onto the keyboard…) and feel in love so deeply I cannot begin to explain. I refuse to miss any of these precious times with her by sitting in an office if I can help it and staring at a computer….So I am officially going to do more of this.

Photo 2018-05-01, 12 01 28 PMFor lack of a better phrase we are opening for business and I am going to not only start sharing my images of our Little Miss but my ideas and my sets with the world.

In my opinion pictures are meant to be fun, create forever memories and make us happy. Snappy Footprints, the mom side and the business side are to be just that. I want to share our adventures in the studio and in life with others. I mean, come on…every kid should have these experiences!!! And this Mommy needs to make a living. HAHA…no seriously pay me to take awesome pictures!! 🙂

Photo 2018-04-20, 9 49 42 PM

Side note….it’s going to take me a minute or 50 to get things set up on here and my limited technology skills so if something doesn’t work or make sense that’s why. 🙂




Guitars, Love and Pretty Shoes

I don’t know how it’s possible but everyday I fall in love with my Little Miss just a whole bunch more. Today’s heart expanding moment. While we were working on our little guitar project I allowed her full access to the guitar for the very first time since we began this project.

She quickly figured out how to make it sing and was thoroughly enthralled by the sounds she was creating with her flicks, hooks and smacks.

Well that was until she found her pretty little shoes.

From that moment forward the guitar was of no interest anymore. My girl, is a Shoe Lover in training! She sure knows how to make mommy happy that’s for sure.

With that we completed today’s rendition of our fun little guitar shoot. This music project has really taken on its own path. Every time Little Miss and I work on the next idea I’ve come up with for this project or any project for that matter she takes it and it becomes hers. In turn of course this truly makes these projects ours.

I’m cherishing these moments so fully. I do hope we have these moments together forever and a day.

And now back to the real world…time to put the laundry away! 👣

The Sands of Time

time goes by fast, this we all know. Having a baby doesn’t change the hands of time or speed up the sand in the hour glass. It simply goes faster as we want to linger more in every moment. Perhaps it’s also that we are more aware of time. Days and weeks and months seem to matter more when you are watching the time pass in a different way.

Little Miss is 6 months old!

862E1F67-5ADC-4C5E-A6DB-754E7F594BE7I am not quite sure how 6 months went by so fast.  At the same time I’m not quite sure why I think it’s been so fast when I’ve never been more aware of anything as much as I have in watching her bloom. Not to mention the 10 months…well 8 in full awareness, of growing my little human.

Ofcourse this all makes me a sappy little mama but it’s fun looking back through the days till now

from empty baby shoes and growing bellies…


From single to a family my life has never been fuller or more precious


My life was never the same from the second these big Disney princess eyes stared into my soul and not stole but completed my heart.


Everyday from the minute I hear her first cry has been a sweet moment. Watching her grow and leading the way to ensure she’s a smart, strong, driven and free spirit in this big bad world has brought me nothing less than true love.


My wishes for her today have grown beyond belief since the moment we met but the most important ones remain the same. I love you more than anything. I wish for you to always have a strong voice, squeals of joy included, and that you always have confidence in yourself. That you never live a day without a smile and a little laughter and that you never forget you are my world. 💜👣

I’m so eager to explore the world with my Little Miss and thrilled for what the next 6 months will bring. There’s footprints to be made and adorable new shoes to wear! So onto teething and mobility we go with excitement, nervousness and confidence that together we can do anything!


Snappy Saturday

A evening of feeling creative and just going with the flow.

Comfort Food for dinner…ooey gooey grilled ham and cheese

A bold red wine

Slowly snacking on chocolates

Snapshots of me and my girl and our shoes and some fun simply playing with colour and textures

Sappy movies in bed with sour patch kids for snacks and snuggles with my Little Miss.

Some snuggles and hand holding as she dreams big in a peaceful slumber. I really could watch her sleep forever. These are such precious times, I hope I’m doing it justice.

Sleep well and dream BIG!!

D 👣

Sparks and Love

Today was a day that an idea bloomed and a project grew to new lengths. Phototherapy as I call it. A space where I can explore and grow and find peace with creativity.

Started with a usual thought..what shoes shall I wear today that I saw something else spark and it stalked me till I knew.

Little bit of bad and sexy sass to brighten the day. These are my Gemma boots.

I’ve been poking around with a hundred ideas in what my next project is going to be and it occurred to me this afternoon that it has already been going on for years and I just never realized it. You know how a writer will always tell you that to have success in what you do write about what you know. Well my twist is photograph what I love and shoes have been a long time love affair and have been taking over my creative eye.

And my current project bloomed with the inspiration of Love staring up at me.

Love and support from the sister

Love of my little baby girl.

Love of my mister and the riff of our life song.

LOVE of my life. Love for myself. Love for being able to express myself freely in my photography. Love of documenting our lives in my own way.

Together we are love, in love, growing and exploring on our own paths in our own way. And with that I know how my creative footprints are to be left in this moment.

D 👣

Wednesday Snippets

Definitely something in the atmosphere these last couple days. My day to day balance seems off. Regardless I’m keeping true to my hopes of positivity. So here are some happy moments of the day.

Winter cold has got me off. I’m not into the cold, never have been. Yet I can still find some beauty in it. There was a random icicle on our house today. I missed the perfect moment and angles as I was bringing in the groceries and Little Miss. It did give me a creative outlet to work with during nap time as seen above.

On that note as well sometimes a trip to the grocery store roaming the isles is just the adventure I need. I do love leisurely trips there. It’s something I’ve really come to love. Plus today it was discount Valentine’s chocolate that tipped the scales to great!!

So 4 boxes is chocolates (with puppies on the box and what’s better than that!!) later and a bag full of mail. We also discovered Valentines presents in the mail!

Snippet of sadness we had to say goodbye to the Mary Jane shoe collection of socks today as Little Miss has outgrown them. On the plus a side I don’t have to chase them anymore once they falloff. Off to the pass it on box they go.

And finally my Poinsettia is still thriving! It’s almost March…YAY me. Normally they don’t live to Christmas so I’m pretty excited about this!!

Could also be a little bit of a chocolate buzz too. Haha!

Good Night Room

Good Night Friends

Good night world

Good Night Moon

D 👣

A Random Tuesday


Wisdom from the Peanuts

Today my general mood has a random feeling to it. The feeling of wanting to do so much but need a little motivation to get there. I have things started all over the place but nothing is quite done. I did fully brush my teeth and get dressed though, before 2pm so that was a big check mark on my day. My little miss is asleep and it is my goal to write something in full. That being said I don’t feel like I have a whole heck of a lot to say about any one thing. So I will hold hands with randomness let it take over. I will build a entry with random thoughts and images.

Little Miss has outgrown her first pair of slippers (or shoes for that matter). It’s with a momentary feeling of sadness that I must now start to figure out what to do with Mommy’s little baby shoe collection/obsession.  I have been pretty good about letting things go as she outgrows them. I have sold a number of items to other moms and families. I have passed on clothing to a dear friend who is expecting a little jellybean of her own. I have given some things to others as they had been given to me. I have too of course packed away some special little items in my trunk for her to have one day if she wants them. The outfit I bought her for her 1st day in the big bad world. A little Halloween onesie that The Mister and I bought together right after we found out about we were going to have a baby. Come to think that may have been one the only things we really ever bought together for her. We don’t shop much together – and that’s a good thing. Ha ha.  And some other random things that have special meaning for me. But the shoe collection…uh oh. Not quite sure what to do about that. I can’t keep them all as that is ridiculous. Many of them have memories for me and I adore so many of them just cause they are well…awesome little baby shoes. It comes to me just now that maybe that is why I have been so keen on my little baby shoe pictures project as of late. If i have a portfolio of little happy baby shoes on little happy baby feet maybe it will be easier to pass them along in some way.  Well expect the skull shoes, and the sugarskull slippers, and the love slippers and the Dorothy shoes (little red glittery gems of prettiness) and the…. well you get the hint I have issues separating with shoes.

Winter Blahs

Feeling Caged

I think part of my edginess is simply a direct result of feeling trapped. The winter blues or blahs are settling in a little more these last couple days, we’ve been getting out on a regular basis and not just for shopping! We went to the Chinese Cultural Centre on Sunday to take in a little Chinese New Year festivities. Yet it is just the knowing that the majority of time we are stuck inside now days. I want  to go outside and just be instead of passing through on the way to inside again. I want to go for long walks that don’t have a time limit cause its cold. I want to go to the playground and show Little Miss how much fun the swings are and take her down the slide without fear of getting my ass stuck to the metal. I want to go camping and to the beach and just get outside for more than a little bit! I’ve had enough of the snow and enough of the cold I want SPRING!!!!

So with that I feel a release of pent up thoughts and ideas. I shall leave with one simple thought of just find something today that makes you happy and concentrate on that. Happy Tuesday! We are off to the kitchen to get a big pot of meat sauce cooking for our Spaghetti and Meatball supper. If nothing else comfort food makes everything better!

Innocent Contemplation

Innocent Contemplation

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

It’s funny how sometimes things that stick in your head have a way of ringing true. At my yoga class on Wednesday (Valentine’s Day) the instructor wished us greetings as we parted ways at the end of class and offered us all a reminder to take the time to love yourself. I’ve done a lot of thinking about that ever since. The words have been ringing in my ears as i make my way through my daily chores and have my moments of pondering life. So as i ponder on here comes the situation. I am talking to Sis as we are both staring at an old picture I’d asked her to find for me of the two of us. She comments on something she doesn’t like about how she looks. I shake my head and realize in that moment I am being critical about myself the same way and voice it to her. We both of course tell each other you are crazy and what are you talking about. Saying all the things that you are supposed to say when someone you love criticizes themselves. It’s true, every word you say and you mean it but it brings up the question of why are we forever so hard on ourselves. Why we we always look at the negative when it comes to ourselves? Example number 2, I was looking at pictures The Mister took of me and Little Miss and I immediately thought Wow I look so tired. I look so old. You can see too much chin or how big my nose is..and on and on an on. Then I stopped myself when i saw what i was doing. If I found something wrong in every one of those pictures and deleted them then there were going to be no pictures of me and Little Miss. Love Yourself.

Ya I look older…I am older, not 25 anymore and not going to ever be again. I cringe as I say love the wrinkles but maybe it’s not so much love as accepted and make friends. I am still going to search for a new cream that probably won’t change a thing but hey that’s life. Ha Ha.

Yes I look tired. I have a 5 month old baby. she sleeps like a dream. She’s awesome and I love her to pieces but having a baby is just plain exhausting. A labour of love it truly is. So you know what damn I am glad to be tired.

Yes I have a big nose. It’s mine. I got it from my parents and they got it from their parents and so forth. I love them so whatever I am too old to be so critical of such silly things that are never going to change. And I am happy Little Miss got The Mister’s nose. Yet even if she didn’t seriously who cares. Really at the end of the day do you care? Does anyone care? NO! No one cares. And we all know why. Cause it’s stupid and trivial and senseless and it doesn’t matter. we will still do it again tomorrow but maybe we should do it less and with a better reaction. I’ve never been much for mantras but here’s one I am going to never forget. “LoVe YoUrSeLf” And for Pete’s Sake LOVE EACH OTHER flaws and all…

Anyways that’s my rant and opinion if you care to respect that. You look great, I love you, Have a GREAT Day!!!! Now go give someone you love a compliment.


Highs & Lows

Here’s the high points in my day and here are some lows.

Little Miss has learned to stick out her tongue. This of course gave my day hours and hours of fun. Favourite pink seaters on warm chinook days in February. Favourite Suede boots worn in said chinook not so high! Or smart on my part by any means. My feet got soaked! Positive note at least I looked good!! 💜Has to size up Little Miss for diapers. This makes me a little sad. I know I’m a weirdo! But hey we are one size closer to no diapers. Hahahahaha. Silver lining…shoes on sale. A little glitter on our day in the end! Fun sock Tuesday means Mommy & Baby yoga for us! An experience I’ll never forget. An experience I’m sadly going to miss, but my Little Miss is just not interested in the class. I’ll try again with her when she’s older. She may never like it and that’s okay. I’m happy we had the time together over the last over. I started prenatal yoga almost immediately after I found out I was pregnant. It soon became my favourite hour of every week. It was a time for just me to build a connection with my girl and find peace (and pain relief) with my ever changing body. After I was cleared from my section we joined the next postnatal class with the same awesome lady (Amy Martin at Breathe) that I spent my 90% prenatal time with. Today we said goodbye, well not goodbye but see you soon to Amy. I’ll miss her weekly class. I hope to run into her around the studio! I’m back to doing my own personal yoga. It’s my one hour a week about me. One hour of time to let go and reconnect. I cherish it. I digress with my back story…the fun socks have been a way to keep little Miss busy and having fun during yoga class when it’s a mommy only move. Seen here playing with her panda ones last week!! 💜💜I made baby food for the first time. It’s was fun. I’m regretting my baby bullet purchase! What a gimmick and what a sucker I am. Lol. Oh made on TV product.. point to you! <she shakes her head but laughs> I shall be using my slick adult food processor moving forward. First purée..peas. Yummy! They were I throughly enjoyed them. Little Miss…eh..maybe ick…hard to tell but today they were not a success. The funny faces were priceless. I regret there are no pictures but the dinner table is no place for a klutz like me to have things that can be ruined like a camera or a phone. The tales could go on and on but my day was good. Some great moments, some not so great. I end the day smiling and happy knowing that today was perfect just as it was. And I watched Charlie Brown Valentine…sharing with my girl all things Peanuts. I do hope she will like them when she’s older!💜💜👣

Love in New Shoes

What could possibly be better on a cold blah Monday? Well let me tell you! Unexpected presents in the mail that turn out to be LOVE shoes! A beautiful and thoughtful present for Little Miss from one of my dearest friends and sister.

Having a baby is life changing there’s no doubt about it. I think one of the biggest struggles I’ve had from the beginning of my pregnancy through today is seeing where friendships lie. I wasn’t overly social while I was pregnant and since Little Miss has arrived having a social life is the least of the priorities for me. I didn’t know how I’d feel about not having the freedom I had before to do things I enjoyed out and about. Staying in on a Friday or Saturday night is actually something I’m coming to love. Having company over for dinner and drinks or just staying in alone has replaced what was once a full social calendar and I couldn’t be happier. Who’d have thought singing wheels on the bus and getting slobbered on would be the best social activities in the world! Haha.

Part of that change has also really brought forth the “true” friends in our life, the ones that stick by you….no matter what road you’re on. And at that the same time a disappointing realization that some of the relationships from our old life have not come forward. It’s hurtful and I won’t deny some tears have been shed over it. Overall I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some I really thought I’d lose and really blessed by those that have become a part of our new family. We are lucky for those that choose to remain a part of our world and for those who are coming along on the journey as we raise Little Miss to be the best human we can. In the best shoes possible! 👣