I am a photographer that in having a child has been re-inspired in life and am perusing a dream. Snappy Footprints is an adventure created to inspire fun in pictures that will forever leave a footprint in your memory. Create a world of wonder and send special messages to loved ones to share your already special times in a unique way. The world of imagination is endless..as long as there is heart.

Soon to Be
Our First Family Picture

I will leave my tale of my time in this world by the images I see and created throughout.

I am a photographer, my soul is attached to my camera. It’s how I tell my stories and where i find my balance in everyday life. With my camera I can escape and I like to find different ways of looking at everything. I love abstract photography it inspires me to be more creative in all walks of life.

I am a loner in my own way. Some of  my greatest adventures have been taken alone. I dream big but do not always get anywhere close to them in real life. i am a huge procrastinator but I always get it done in the end if it has to be done.

I am loud when I need to be heard and I generally have an opinion about everything…

I’ve lived the corporate world and have found an escape from that in motherhood. For the first time in forever I feel that I can truly be myself and enjoy everyday without obligation or stress that adds nothing to life expect a pay cheque.

My days now belong to my baby girl as does my heart. Everyday I am a better person because I am her mom.

I like lists. I love to write things down. there’s something therapeutic about a pen and paper. the pen also has to be right, nothing worse than a pen that just works against your writing groove. I am working on my love hate relationship with technology..I am typing this…so that’s progress.

I am a shoe-o-holic and have found a new obsession with baby shoes.

i adore charlie brown and all things snoopy.

christmas is always over the top and well lite in my home.

i am a terrible singer but in love with a great musician who brings harmony to my world and inspires me to be myself no later what

I do things my way and hate asking for help, though i have gotten better in my thirties (Thanks baby).

the kitchen is my happy place and i love a good cooking competition on TV. my guilty food pleasure is a big pot of mr noodles with sriracha sauce..eaten out of the pot ofcourse.

i love red wine and SPiCY Caesars i hate being rushed and waking up early.

I am still sad about Opie, love butterflies and dream of a vacation in Tuscany. Bob Seger is my favourite and I’ll forever have a crush on Jim Morrison.

I am forever searching for where I left my cup of coffee and my pen.

I am excited to share my pictures and stories.