Little Miss goes to the Bookstore

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There’s nothing more relaxing on a rainy summer afternoon than getting lost in a good book. So with that being said I figured it was a good day to go to the neighbourhood Indigo store and treat ourselves to a new book or two. Also to bask in the air conditioning and escape the heat. Well let me tell you we couldn’t have had a greater adventure if I’d planned it out myself. This was one the best trips to the bookstore ever!! And I worked in a Chapters for a number of years!As we were browsing the store, picking up random little treasures the fire alarm started going off. We emptied the basket of our stroller and exited the store with the rest of the customers and staff. Turns out a curious little boy had pulled the fire alarm. Boys will be boys and in this case very true Haha! We awaited the arrival of the Calgary Fire Department and to the surprise and thrill of my Little Miss they showed up we the lights flashing and sirens going.

The skies continued to darken, the lightening started to get brighter and the thunder started booming louder. While the crew of firemen checked the bookstore and the others in the strip we waited patiently for the OK to return inside and hoped the brewing storm would hold off. As the wait continued one of the awesome firemen brought out colouring books for all the kids and helped to keep them from getting overly antsy at having to wait. To our surprise that same fireman returned moments later to come and give Little Miss a Calgary Fire Dept stuffed Dalmatian. This of course had all us ladies swooning in aww over the sweetness and one little baby girl giggling with delight!

As we were the OK to return inside to continue shopping the cloud started to open up and the downpour began. Our rain jackets of course were in our car so we continued to browse and add to our finds of the day. Missing our afternoon nap with hunger looming in the near future I did my best to distract Little Miss as long as I could.

I have to say that I’m always impressed by the 130th Indigo store. The people that work there are always pleasant and willing to go that extra mile to make your shopping experience a great one. Today was no different but in saying that I realize I should really state that it was awesome. They handed out rain ponchos to people having to leave. I had one girl offer to push my stroller out to the car for me! The fabulous cashier I had even attempted to help my technology challenged self in putting my plum rewards on my mobile wallet so I wasn’t having to fluster about trying to find the app all the time. Hats off to all the staff at the store for adding to our already memorable trip!

We celebrated our rainy day fun with some balloons and pictures once the rain let up….oh and reading of course. Little Miss got her long overdue nap and Mommy got to read over a hundred pages of one my new books!!!

Not sure how we will ever top this adventure but you know we are going to try! For now though we are just going to be here reading our books, cuddling and playing with our new little puppy friend. Who by the way we have decided to name Indigo!


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