Friday night I found myself out at Village Brewery for a unique but special night. One of the projects the Mister plays in was releasing their first EP.

For the guys Ten Dead Crow this has been a long awaited feature. The night was a mix of their originals, some covers, a lot of laughter and dancing…oh and of course beers. The guys teamed up with the crew at the brewery and made their own beer for the night. It was Raspberry Lemon Ale tagged “My Next Ex Ale”

For me a good live show, no matter the genre, must strike emotions. These guys did that…and in a way that is unique to who they are as a group while adding a soulful twist. Their style of raunchy hillbilly country rock is undeniably something new and exciting in the market. They will have you tapping your foot and more often than not smiling and laughing with their witty lyrics..even those that stick in your head long after the song has ended. Now if you are at all familiar with any of these guys you will know that this project is unlike anything else these guys have done before.  It’s rough and bad ass but it’s full of heart, iconic riffs and harmonies.

It was a lot of fun to be there and to be able to share some of the emotions from their performance in pictures. Concert photography has always been something I adore. I always get lost in the raw emotion and intensity of the music. The challenge of lighting & the thrill of what each image can be once I put my creative twist on it. This venue provided an incredible cozy atmosphere that really just added to the night as a whole.

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Make sure to grab a copy of the disc from one of the guys. It’s also set to be released on Spotify this week.tdc production files MAIN LOGOInstagram @tendeadcrow Facebook                        

Ten Dead Crow is: Wes DeLeeuw, Al Caissie, Jonny Vincent, Steve Lilly, Dave “Corpsey” Mosimann, Ryan Boyko



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