Little Miss & Wally go Camping

Life’s been quite hectic these last few weeks and we have a busy month coming ahead so we decided to escape the city and take our first camping trip of the year. We opted to stay close to home on this trip. Being our first time venturing out with a baby we wanted to air on the side of caution just in case. Lucky for us the mountains are less than an hour from our doorstep..and an easy trek back for the mister when I had to send him home on day two cause I forgot to pack the bag with the extra diapers in it.

We spent our time out at Little Elbow Campground in Kananaskis. It was somewhere that we went for a walk last summer when my family was in visiting. I was very pregnant and exhausted so I missed out on the exploring. It was my goal since then that we would return for a camping get away and I’m so pleased that we did.

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful! We had sunny days and cool but warm nights. The deer would come out at dusk and saunter through the became clear after our first day they really were not afraid of us and should we have let them would’ve come right into our space.

Our first day went as expected, a lot of organizing, reorganizing and working out the kinks of the maiden voyage of the year. Little Miss took to being in the great outdoors right away. She found new adventures crawling through the gravel, playing with all the stones and of course like any teething baby tasted a few of them!

We ended our night with a campfire and gave our Little Miss quite the thrill. At first it was pure disbelief at what was going on. She didn’t quite know how to process it I think. She intently sat with me while she watched her Daddy build the fire then snuggled up with Wally to watch the show. I love the our Jimi snuck in on this shot, like he was making sure his girl was safe! She really took it all in, must’ve sat there with Wally for a good 5 minutes just watching the flames dance. I’m a sucker for adding in colour magic to our campfires and this was just as exciting! I’m always not far away with my camera looking for images in the flames. I think it’s like watching clouds. Everyone sees something different and has their own unique experience.Sadly the night slipped away too fast and before we knew it it was time to go cozy up inside the camper for bed. Our first day of camping was a success, glitches and all!

Oh and we discovered that our Wally likes to climb trees! I was quite nervous at first but he is a bear so I relented. He’s a fast little climber too, gets up into the trees in the blink of an eye!

That’s as far as I got with pictures today, hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in some mommy time tomorrow and tackle the rest! Another tale in the camping adventure with Little Miss & Wally is waiting in my files for another day!


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