Someone asked me the other day about milestones pictures. What exactly that was. It really got me to thinking about these past 8…sniff..well closer to 9 months of our Little Miss growing up. I of course have been faithfully doing our monthly milestones and sharing how she’s changing each month with our families and friends. I’ve kept up to date on all her firsts so far, writing them all in her baby book like a good little mommy.

So I really started thinking about all the firsts that weren’t generally documented. For everyone those are different and that is what I intended with our milestones packages. To capture the times that are special to just you and your family.

Some of our recent milestones that have me gushing and bragging like a proud mommy have been unique to myself and to our little family unit. These are the moments that are so precious and often dismissed as just everyday occurrences. It’s my goal to make them just as special as the usual firsts! Ive been referring to these snippets of time as my “things I want to remember”. Eventually it’s my goal to put together a book of these moments.

A few of these snippets have been:

Eating or rather playing with Cheerios was special to me. Not sure why but I had this image in my head and had been waiting to execute it .

First time riding in the big kid seat of a shopping cart instead of in her bucket seat was an exciting yet sad time for me. I felt I just wanted time to stop and the anxiety of her growing up so fast caught my breath. As I brushed away the tears she laughed and waved at me (which was something she’d also just learned) as if to remind me that we still have a lifetime of new things to experience together.

This was another moment I’d been looking forward to…First time going in the swing at the took longer than I’d hoped as I made sure The Mister was there with us the first time so he could revel in all her glory at something so fun! Thankfully she liked it and the sounds of her giggles as she swung back and forth are going to echo in my memories forever! I could keep going and going and going but I won’t. Milestones are what you make them. What’s important or special to one is different from the next. I believe full heartedly that family pictures should reflect exactly that…The things that are unique and special to your family. So whatever those milestones are to you and yours we can document them specially so you will forever have these times to share and cherish in print.

D 👣

2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Way to go mommy. You and your brother were always playing with cheerios. These pictures really bring back those memories. Good job mommy.😓😓


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