Adventure Planning

It’s May long weekend…a long celebratory tradition of embracing the outdoors and welcoming the beginning of summer. At least that’s what it is to me and something I’ve grown up to. Being a good ol’Manitoba girl camping is usually the plan of action. Rain, sleek, snow, doesn’t matter camping is usually what’s happening. Little ironic that year, when it’s actually really looking like it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous we are staying in the city. Anyways we are staying in the city for the weekend this year. On the plus side it gave us the extra time to play a bit in the studio a bit yesterday afternoon. What better way to kick off the summer than starting our summer travel plans which will of course include lots of camping!

We both love to travel, come from families that carry the travel love gene so theres no doubt our Little Miss will be a travel bug as well! So it was an easy idea to piece together a little travel adventure planning shoot! We invited Little Miss’ friend Rosey the Bear to join us and it really just played out naturally.

Little Miss has been fascinated by paper lately so she took to the maps right away.

I am sure that she was telling Rosey here how much fun she had when her and I went to Waterton a few weeks ago with Auntie T. It’s where we got that adorable little hippie van and when I started piecing together ideas for a travel picture!

Here I’m certain she was telling me that she wanted to go back this summer! Please Mom!!

Yes Little One we will definitely go back!! Yay!!!

It’s really awesome how these little moments are ours now. I know I tend to say that a lot these days but they really are “our times”. I may plan the adventure, design the set and get us there but it’s her playing and interactions with the world around her that make these pictures so special!

We hope everyone who’s out and about this weekend has safe travels and to those who are staying close to home like us also have lots of fun enjoying the summertime weather! 👣


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