Project/Life Change

This started as an individual project to inspire me to be more open and share snippets of my personal photography on a platform away from the regular social media channels and break the habit I have of being too introverted. In sharing my pictures I have learned that when I put myself into a place where I HAVE to do something I loose interest and become stagnate with my results. That’s no different with my creativity. I am not a blogger, I am not really a great writer as I lack the discipline to follow the rules and formats. When I write, I get side tracked on too many angles and it becomes a staggered mess. Funnily enough exactly how my mind thrives. As I digress  already…Snappy Footprints was also built with the mindset to inspire me to have more fun with my photography. The results of that are incredible. Yet aside from my family and friends no one ever sees those pictures. Until now…this has probably been the most private web page ever with no one knowing about it, strictly because I don’t tell anyone about it. Since my Little Miss was born I have dreamed up so many fun little ideas of pictures we were going to take. Some we have taken, some ideas I discarded, some I changed and some are sitting in my memory bank hoping not to be forgotten. We started our studio fun as soon as I was up to crawling about and lifting things after my c-section. What a thrill that it was right around fall harvest and Halloween. The idea flourished into a creative flow fondly remembered as the Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch. We started our adventures with a onesie, a black backdrop and a whole bunch of pumpkins in our unfinished basement. We spent weeks on this, changing it, adding props, taking away props, napping, discussing ideas, but we got there and it was nothing less than awesome.

From there the creative juices flowed into Halloween. The Mister saw how happy I was, my rejuvenated excitement about taking pictures and encouraged me to forge ahead. We purchased a light set up, cleared out a corner in the basement and I started learning how to do some studio work.

It’s been a whirlwind of adventures since then. Holidays, Seasons, boredom on random days being stuck inside during the winter. I have props. I have tutus (handmade by me I must add), I have bins of backdrops, better lights and more than ever ideas I can’t keep up with. The ones though that I have taken in most cases have turned out so much better than I could have imagined. My Little Miss has grown and we have just built bigger adventures.

img_2363I have shared some with our family and friends, mostly I only share the ones of Little Miss with the Mister, some I print but mostly they just sit in my Dropbox. Today that changes. Today I introduce my Little Miss…my muse everyday and the driving inspiration to change Snappy Footprints into more than a neglected website of random pictures but into a life venture.

Photo 2018-04-17, 1 06 26 PM

Today she turns 8 months old. How it’s been that long I have no idea cause it was only yesterday I heard that little cry for the first time and looked into those big Disney princess eyes (tears splash onto the keyboard…) and feel in love so deeply I cannot begin to explain. I refuse to miss any of these precious times with her by sitting in an office if I can help it and staring at a computer….So I am officially going to do more of this.

Photo 2018-05-01, 12 01 28 PMFor lack of a better phrase we are opening for business and I am going to not only start sharing my images of our Little Miss but my ideas and my sets with the world.

In my opinion pictures are meant to be fun, create forever memories and make us happy. Snappy Footprints, the mom side and the business side are to be just that. I want to share our adventures in the studio and in life with others. I mean, come on…every kid should have these experiences!!! And this Mommy needs to make a living. HAHA…no seriously pay me to take awesome pictures!! 🙂

Photo 2018-04-20, 9 49 42 PM

Side note….it’s going to take me a minute or 50 to get things set up on here and my limited technology skills so if something doesn’t work or make sense that’s why. 🙂




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