Guitars, Love and Pretty Shoes

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I don’t know how it’s possible but everyday I fall in love with my Little Miss just a whole bunch more. Today’s heart expanding moment. While we were working on our little guitar project I allowed her full access to the guitar for the very first time since we began this project.

She quickly figured out how to make it sing and was thoroughly enthralled by the sounds she was creating with her flicks, hooks and smacks.

Well that was until she found her pretty little shoes.

From that moment forward the guitar was of no interest anymore. My girl, is a Shoe Lover in training! She sure knows how to make mommy happy that’s for sure.

With that we completed today’s rendition of our fun little guitar shoot. This music project has really taken on its own path. Every time Little Miss and I work on the next idea I’ve come up with for this project or any project for that matter she takes it and it becomes hers. In turn of course this truly makes these projects ours.

I’m cherishing these moments so fully. I do hope we have these moments together forever and a day.

And now back to the real world…time to put the laundry away! 👣

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