The Sands of Time

time goes by fast, this we all know. Having a baby doesn’t change the hands of time or speed up the sand in the hour glass. It simply goes faster as we want to linger more in every moment. Perhaps it’s also that we are more aware of time. Days and weeks and months seem to matter more when you are watching the time pass in a different way.

Little Miss is 6 months old!

862E1F67-5ADC-4C5E-A6DB-754E7F594BE7I am not quite sure how 6 months went by so fast.  At the same time I’m not quite sure why I think it’s been so fast when I’ve never been more aware of anything as much as I have in watching her bloom. Not to mention the 10 months…well 8 in full awareness, of growing my little human.

Ofcourse this all makes me a sappy little mama but it’s fun looking back through the days till now

from empty baby shoes and growing bellies…


From single to a family my life has never been fuller or more precious


My life was never the same from the second these big Disney princess eyes stared into my soul and not stole but completed my heart.


Everyday from the minute I hear her first cry has been a sweet moment. Watching her grow and leading the way to ensure she’s a smart, strong, driven and free spirit in this big bad world has brought me nothing less than true love.


My wishes for her today have grown beyond belief since the moment we met but the most important ones remain the same. I love you more than anything. I wish for you to always have a strong voice, squeals of joy included, and that you always have confidence in yourself. That you never live a day without a smile and a little laughter and that you never forget you are my world. 💜👣

I’m so eager to explore the world with my Little Miss and thrilled for what the next 6 months will bring. There’s footprints to be made and adorable new shoes to wear! So onto teething and mobility we go with excitement, nervousness and confidence that together we can do anything!


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