Sparks and Love

Today was a day that an idea bloomed and a project grew to new lengths. Phototherapy as I call it. A space where I can explore and grow and find peace with creativity.

Started with a usual thought..what shoes shall I wear today that I saw something else spark and it stalked me till I knew.

Little bit of bad and sexy sass to brighten the day. These are my Gemma boots.

I’ve been poking around with a hundred ideas in what my next project is going to be and it occurred to me this afternoon that it has already been going on for years and I just never realized it. You know how a writer will always tell you that to have success in what you do write about what you know. Well my twist is photograph what I love and shoes have been a long time love affair and have been taking over my creative eye.

And my current project bloomed with the inspiration of Love staring up at me.

Love and support from the sister

Love of my little baby girl.

Love of my mister and the riff of our life song.

LOVE of my life. Love for myself. Love for being able to express myself freely in my photography. Love of documenting our lives in my own way.

Together we are love, in love, growing and exploring on our own paths in our own way. And with that I know how my creative footprints are to be left in this moment.

D 👣

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