Wednesday Snippets

Definitely something in the atmosphere these last couple days. My day to day balance seems off. Regardless I’m keeping true to my hopes of positivity. So here are some happy moments of the day.

Winter cold has got me off. I’m not into the cold, never have been. Yet I can still find some beauty in it. There was a random icicle on our house today. I missed the perfect moment and angles as I was bringing in the groceries and Little Miss. It did give me a creative outlet to work with during nap time as seen above.

On that note as well sometimes a trip to the grocery store roaming the isles is just the adventure I need. I do love leisurely trips there. It’s something I’ve really come to love. Plus today it was discount Valentine’s chocolate that tipped the scales to great!!

So 4 boxes is chocolates (with puppies on the box and what’s better than that!!) later and a bag full of mail. We also discovered Valentines presents in the mail!

Snippet of sadness we had to say goodbye to the Mary Jane shoe collection of socks today as Little Miss has outgrown them. On the plus a side I don’t have to chase them anymore once they falloff. Off to the pass it on box they go.

And finally my Poinsettia is still thriving! It’s almost March…YAY me. Normally they don’t live to Christmas so I’m pretty excited about this!!

Could also be a little bit of a chocolate buzz too. Haha!

Good Night Room

Good Night Friends

Good night world

Good Night Moon

D 👣

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