A Random Tuesday


Wisdom from the Peanuts

Today my general mood has a random feeling to it. The feeling of wanting to do so much but need a little motivation to get there. I have things started all over the place but nothing is quite done. I did fully brush my teeth and get dressed though, before 2pm so that was a big check mark on my day. My little miss is asleep and it is my goal to write something in full. That being said I don’t feel like I have a whole heck of a lot to say about any one thing. So I will hold hands with randomness let it take over. I will build a entry with random thoughts and images.

Little Miss has outgrown her first pair of slippers (or shoes for that matter). It’s with a momentary feeling of sadness that I must now start to figure out what to do with Mommy’s little baby shoe collection/obsession.  I have been pretty good about letting things go as she outgrows them. I have sold a number of items to other moms and families. I have passed on clothing to a dear friend who is expecting a little jellybean of her own. I have given some things to others as they had been given to me. I have too of course packed away some special little items in my trunk for her to have one day if she wants them. The outfit I bought her for her 1st day in the big bad world. A little Halloween onesie that The Mister and I bought together right after we found out about we were going to have a baby. Come to think that may have been one the only things we really ever bought together for her. We don’t shop much together – and that’s a good thing. Ha ha.  And some other random things that have special meaning for me. But the shoe collection…uh oh. Not quite sure what to do about that. I can’t keep them all as that is ridiculous. Many of them have memories for me and I adore so many of them just cause they are well…awesome little baby shoes. It comes to me just now that maybe that is why I have been so keen on my little baby shoe pictures project as of late. If i have a portfolio of little happy baby shoes on little happy baby feet maybe it will be easier to pass them along in some way.  Well expect the skull shoes, and the sugarskull slippers, and the love slippers and the Dorothy shoes (little red glittery gems of prettiness) and the…. well you get the hint I have issues separating with shoes.

Winter Blahs

Feeling Caged

I think part of my edginess is simply a direct result of feeling trapped. The winter blues or blahs are settling in a little more these last couple days, we’ve been getting out on a regular basis and not just for shopping! We went to the Chinese Cultural Centre on Sunday to take in a little Chinese New Year festivities. Yet it is just the knowing that the majority of time we are stuck inside now days. I want  to go outside and just be instead of passing through on the way to inside again. I want to go for long walks that don’t have a time limit cause its cold. I want to go to the playground and show Little Miss how much fun the swings are and take her down the slide without fear of getting my ass stuck to the metal. I want to go camping and to the beach and just get outside for more than a little bit! I’ve had enough of the snow and enough of the cold I want SPRING!!!!

So with that I feel a release of pent up thoughts and ideas. I shall leave with one simple thought of just find something today that makes you happy and concentrate on that. Happy Tuesday! We are off to the kitchen to get a big pot of meat sauce cooking for our Spaghetti and Meatball supper. If nothing else comfort food makes everything better!

Innocent Contemplation

Innocent Contemplation

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