Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

It’s funny how sometimes things that stick in your head have a way of ringing true. At my yoga class on Wednesday (Valentine’s Day) the instructor wished us greetings as we parted ways at the end of class and offered us all a reminder to take the time to love yourself. I’ve done a lot of thinking about that ever since. The words have been ringing in my ears as i make my way through my daily chores and have my moments of pondering life. So as i ponder on here comes the situation. I am talking to Sis as we are both staring at an old picture I’d asked her to find for me of the two of us. She comments on something she doesn’t like about how she looks. I shake my head and realize in that moment I am being critical about myself the same way and voice it to her. We both of course tell each other you are crazy and what are you talking about. Saying all the things that you are supposed to say when someone you love criticizes themselves. It’s true, every word you say and you mean it but it brings up the question of why are we forever so hard on ourselves. Why we we always look at the negative when it comes to ourselves? Example number 2, I was looking at pictures The Mister took of me and Little Miss and I immediately thought Wow I look so tired. I look so old. You can see too much chin or how big my nose is..and on and on an on. Then I stopped myself when i saw what i was doing. If I found something wrong in every one of those pictures and deleted them then there were going to be no pictures of me and Little Miss. Love Yourself.

Ya I look older…I am older, not 25 anymore and not going to ever be again. I cringe as I say love the wrinkles but maybe it’s not so much love as accepted and make friends. I am still going to search for a new cream that probably won’t change a thing but hey that’s life. Ha Ha.

Yes I look tired. I have a 5 month old baby. she sleeps like a dream. She’s awesome and I love her to pieces but having a baby is just plain exhausting. A labour of love it truly is. So you know what damn I am glad to be tired.

Yes I have a big nose. It’s mine. I got it from my parents and they got it from their parents and so forth. I love them so whatever I am too old to be so critical of such silly things that are never going to change. And I am happy Little Miss got The Mister’s nose. Yet even if she didn’t seriously who cares. Really at the end of the day do you care? Does anyone care? NO! No one cares. And we all know why. Cause it’s stupid and trivial and senseless and it doesn’t matter. we will still do it again tomorrow but maybe we should do it less and with a better reaction. I’ve never been much for mantras but here’s one I am going to never forget. “LoVe YoUrSeLf” And for Pete’s Sake LOVE EACH OTHER flaws and all…

Anyways that’s my rant and opinion if you care to respect that. You look great, I love you, Have a GREAT Day!!!! Now go give someone you love a compliment.


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