Love in New Shoes

What could possibly be better on a cold blah Monday? Well let me tell you! Unexpected presents in the mail that turn out to be LOVE shoes! A beautiful and thoughtful present for Little Miss from one of my dearest friends and sister.

Having a baby is life changing there’s no doubt about it. I think one of the biggest struggles I’ve had from the beginning of my pregnancy through today is seeing where friendships lie. I wasn’t overly social while I was pregnant and since Little Miss has arrived having a social life is the least of the priorities for me. I didn’t know how I’d feel about not having the freedom I had before to do things I enjoyed out and about. Staying in on a Friday or Saturday night is actually something I’m coming to love. Having company over for dinner and drinks or just staying in alone has replaced what was once a full social calendar and I couldn’t be happier. Who’d have thought singing wheels on the bus and getting slobbered on would be the best social activities in the world! Haha.

Part of that change has also really brought forth the “true” friends in our life, the ones that stick by you….no matter what road you’re on. And at that the same time a disappointing realization that some of the relationships from our old life have not come forward. It’s hurtful and I won’t deny some tears have been shed over it. Overall I have to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some I really thought I’d lose and really blessed by those that have become a part of our new family. We are lucky for those that choose to remain a part of our world and for those who are coming along on the journey as we raise Little Miss to be the best human we can. In the best shoes possible! πŸ‘£

2 thoughts on “Love in New Shoes

  1. No words can express how much you mean to me as a friend but as a mentor. To think first time I saw you I thought to myself, wow this girl is a force. I like her. Little did I know you would become one of my very closest friend and sister.

    I am blessed to be a part of your life and to see you as a mom is the best gift for any woman or man to experience.

    You got this!.. love you

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