Highs & Lows

Here’s the high points in my day and here are some lows.

Little Miss has learned to stick out her tongue. This of course gave my day hours and hours of fun. Favourite pink seaters on warm chinook days in February. Favourite Suede boots worn in said chinook not so high! Or smart on my part by any means. My feet got soaked! Positive note at least I looked good!! πŸ’œHas to size up Little Miss for diapers. This makes me a little sad. I know I’m a weirdo! But hey we are one size closer to no diapers. Hahahahaha. Silver lining…shoes on sale. A little glitter on our day in the end! Fun sock Tuesday means Mommy & Baby yoga for us! An experience I’ll never forget. An experience I’m sadly going to miss, but my Little Miss is just not interested in the class. I’ll try again with her when she’s older. She may never like it and that’s okay. I’m happy we had the time together over the last over. I started prenatal yoga almost immediately after I found out I was pregnant. It soon became my favourite hour of every week. It was a time for just me to build a connection with my girl and find peace (and pain relief) with my ever changing body. After I was cleared from my section we joined the next postnatal class with the same awesome lady (Amy Martin at Breathe) that I spent my 90% prenatal time with. Today we said goodbye, well not goodbye but see you soon to Amy. I’ll miss her weekly class. I hope to run into her around the studio! I’m back to doing my own personal yoga. It’s my one hour a week about me. One hour of time to let go and reconnect. I cherish it. I digress with my back story…the fun socks have been a way to keep little Miss busy and having fun during yoga class when it’s a mommy only move. Seen here playing with her panda ones last week!! πŸ’œπŸ’œI made baby food for the first time. It’s was fun. I’m regretting my baby bullet purchase! What a gimmick and what a sucker I am. Lol. Oh made on TV product.. point to you! <she shakes her head but laughs> I shall be using my slick adult food processor moving forward. First purΓ©e..peas. Yummy! They were I throughly enjoyed them. Little Miss…eh..maybe ick…hard to tell but today they were not a success. The funny faces were priceless. I regret there are no pictures but the dinner table is no place for a klutz like me to have things that can be ruined like a camera or a phone. The tales could go on and on but my day was good. Some great moments, some not so great. I end the day smiling and happy knowing that today was perfect just as it was. And I watched Charlie Brown Valentine…sharing with my girl all things Peanuts. I do hope she will like them when she’s older!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ‘£

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