A Week of Wonder

What a week a difference makes to a 5 month old. Last Saturday Little Miss turned 5 months old, I had hoped that our monthly picture was going to be a sitting one. This wasn’t meant to be as she didn’t have enough core steadiness or balance to not topple over. The result was a laying down picture as mommy can’t take a picture and catch baby from falling. 7 days later and she is more than sitting up but she’s grabbing things from us or picking them up herself and remaining sitting.

As the Days Pass

On Tuesday we all sat down for dinner and I once again did my weekly see if Little Miss is interested in eating. By the end of dinner she was grabbing the spoon and trying to feed herself guiding my hand to her mouth. My little nugget is slowly becoming a little girl right in front of my eyes. I love every second of watching and taking part in this journey. I feel a twinge of sadness as this is all happening in the blink of an eye but I am thrilled for what’s still to come.

We bid farewell to the bassinet, we wish you well at your new home and with the next baby you gently rock in slumber.

Goodbye Bassinet

HELLO to the start of food at dinner time. Together we will take the journey through flavours, textures and banter at the dinner table.

Dinner Time Beginnings

So goodbye to the times that have passed, we are blessed with the memories of them. Every day fills me with excitement of what will come to pass.  Looking forward to the new stories to share together, the pictures we still have to take and all the silver linings to still come our way as we continue on this life adventure.

Silver Linings


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