The first post…the second time around. Seems my technology challenged self wrote and then screwed something up saving it so I am writing it again. $#@%*% On a positive note a chance to write something completely new, so I am considering the mishap as a draft and going to write something better!

This is a project that is a long time in the making. The idea started when i was newly pregnant, baby is now 5 months and 6 days old. Not too bad of a turn around I guess. The most important point is that I made it here eventually and I am actually doing it. I don’t know much about writing a blog. I know to read them and I follow quite a few. So here goes…I love to write. I am a dreamer, a book worm and a very quiet person per say. I am loud but I keep a lot in my head. This is my attempt to grow as an individual and become more open. More open to sharing what’s in my head but also with embracing the giant world of social distortion or media. I quit social media last April. It was leaving a very bad edge on my world. I was reading too much negativity, I was seeing too much of others abuse the right to free speech and honestly Id never felt more disconnected from my friends and family than I did then. I saw that everyone, myself included, was spending more time watching life than living it. More time scrolling and looking at each others worlds and not really being a part of it. I take pictures. It’s what I love. It’s my creative outlet on a day to day basis and some days it’s my way of taking a not so great or happy situation and turning into something better. I was sharing that but I didn’t think anyone was seeing it or really paying attention to it. I was putting myself out there creatively and it was becoming a damper for me.  I was sharing but I wasn’t really sure with who anymore as I too wasn’t really taking part in the lives of my friends or family either. Guilty of looking but never really reaching out. Since that realization it’s become my goal to reconnect and rebuild relationships. To send a text asking “How are you?” instead of looking at a facebook page to see what they have been up to. It’s been a long struggle. I’ve lost touch with some people more but gotten much closer to others. I’ve found a new love for mail, actual mail. I like writing letters, Sending out Christmas cards, making the effort to buy a not so cheap stamp and post the letter. It’s refreshing and I am enjoying it. Plus there is the added excitement that when we check the mail I might get a letter back, a postcard or just a note saying Hi back. Though even without a letter in my mailbox I love the reactions of the recipient. It warms my little heart and I am glad that I could brighten a day for those we love.

So…my goal here is to share more. I hope you will join me and maybe I can brighten your day. I am fairly humorous so I’m sure I can make you laugh a bit or at the very least give you an interesting glimpse into my world. This will also serve as my avenue to show off my pictures and brag about all the cute things my darling little miss does.

Until next time,


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